Friday, January 25, 2008

Midwest Mustang Challenge 2008

Meet "Cinderella Sally" competitor for the Midwest Mustang Challenge in Madison, Wisconsin.

When Sally first arrived, we thought she was.......well very autistic to say the least. She would crank her neck in circles, roll her eyes, paw the ground, and snort and flair her nostrils all at the same time. It was quite the sight to see and quite the conversation among vistors. The further distance people kept, the better she liked it and the closer they got to her pen, her talents would start in and try to intimidate them.

After The first couple of weeks Chad worked on trust issues with Sally. Out of all the Mustangs Chad has trained, she seems to be the most challenging. Chad reads horses by the swirls in their head and Sally has three. He considers that to mean she is a bit more hypersensitive and struggles to maintain a horse human relationship.

Hi, my name is Cheri (I'm Chad's other half) and I will be keeping you informed about Chad and Cinderella Sally getting ready for the upcoming Midwest Mustang Challenge competition in Madison, Wisconsin. I am a very amatuer photographer and 1st time blogger, so I'll give it my best to keep you updated. Please click on the Extreme Mustang Makeover blog and see pictures of Chad and his Mustang "Amigo" getting ready for competition in Fort Worth, TX last Sept.


Jessie said...

I'm so glad you're going to blog! Can't wait for updates!!

Tracey said...

I'll second Jessie's enthusiasm over the blog! Glad to see more people are doing it this time around. Good luck, and looking forward to reading more!

Katee said...

I have so much fun following along with the progress these mustangs make and I really appreciate you taking the time to include all of us out here in the world wide web. I bought my tickets for the Madison event last week--I'll see you in May!

Rebecca Bishop said...

I agree with the "swirls". I have always noticed that the very smart horses have more than one. My mare for the challenge has two very prominent ones. After almost three weeks, she still has her reservations.

danee said...

How about some updates? I love watching everyone's progress!